Sunday, April 20, 2014


I hope you all had a great Easter! We've had absolutely gorgeous weather this weekend, which made the celebration of Christ's rising that much more beautiful!
This was Robert's first Easter and it hit me harder than I ever could have imagined. Friday night as I was rocking my son to sleep I was reflecting on what that day meant. God had sent His Son to die for me, for us, so that we may have life. I was only enjoying that perfect moment with my son because God had sacrificed His. Oh how thankful I am for His love! And I hope you know His love too!
Now on to how we celebrated Easter! Robert and I went to my parent's house for lunch (Andrew stayed home sick, poor guy). My mom is seriously the BEST cook I know! We went for a non-traditional menu of steak and baked potatoes, which definitely hit the spot! I made The Country Cook's Coconut Cream Poke Cake. I had pinned this recipe quite some time ago and it did not disappoint! It was easy to make and was the perfect dessert for our Easter lunch.

Let's talk about how cute my little bunny was! 

I debated whether or not to buy him a dress-up outfit of khakis and a plaid shirt. I eventually decided that I had years ahead of me that I could dress him like that, but how long could I get away with him wearing a bunny on his bum? This was the only chance I had!
And of course he was spoiled with Easter presents from my mom, sister, MIL & FIL!

Easter wasn't the same without Andrew and my Papa at lunch. My Papa is currently in rehab recovering from a broken hip, so we went to see him before we headed home. He sure does love his great-grandson!

Andrew and I finished the evening with dinner with my FIL and finally watching Frozen, which I absolutely loved!

Until next time...
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  1. What a great Easter! His smile makes me smile, love him! And that little butt bunny, oh my gosh! You made the right choice with that ;) Glad you liked Frozen! Is Olaf not THE cutest thing in the world?!

  2. Oh my goodness! He is the cutest little bunny!!
    My household is slightly obsessed with Frozen right now, too. ;)