Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Weekend + Snow!

This year we celebrated Valentine's Day all weekend! Robert and I kicked off the holiday on Friday by taking Andrew lunch on his lunch break at work. We also delivered his present, a new coffee tumbler filled with one of his favorite candies - FaveReds Starburst. When we got home Robert went down for a nap and I made sugar cookies that we decorated later that evening.

Valentine's for Robert's friends
The next morning Andrew and Robert snuck out of the house while I was still sleeping to get me coffee from Starbucks and the most beautiful bouquet of light pink roses and lilies (my fave!). I also got the cutest card from Robert (that Andrew made). It has all of Robert's favorite things that he likes to do with me. Heart = melted.
That morning we also made chocolate covered strawberries. Robert may have had some of his breakfast banana dipped in chocolate too ;) He also got to eat his sugar cookie after he finished eating breakfast.
Later that morning, Grandma Smith and Aunt Ashley brought over Valentine's for Robert, including balloons, cards, animal crackers, goldfish and mini M&M's. Needless to say, he was on sugar overload! Then we went out to deliver all of Robert's Valentine cookies to his friends. That afternoon Grammie, Aunt Sarah, Daniel and Alex came over to watch Robert while Andrew and I went to a delicious sushi dinner and to see a movie. Aunt Sarah sent Andrew this precious picture while we were at dinner....Robert wore Grammie out!
The next morning Andrew and I made Valentine's pancakes. We made some regular pancakes and some pink pancakes (made with red food coloring) and used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to interchange the hearts. This was Robert's first time eating pancakes and he was a big fan!
We finished Valentine's weekend by hanging out and relaxing at the house in our pj's all day and Andrew let me pick out a chick-flick to watch while Robert napped that afternoon :)
Late Sunday night a winter storm hit our town. There was sleet hitting Robert's window and it was thunder-snowing, but to my surprise Robert slept right through it all! Andrew had to work on Monday (boo!), but we took Robert out to play in the snow as soon as Andrew got home from work. This was Robert's first time in the snow and he loved it!

Yes, mommy hit him with a snowball! He thought it was hilarious!

Thanks for stopping by to see what we've been up to! Maybe next time it won't be so long between posts!
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