Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Look Back: Our Babymoon! {Part One}

Before I get started, let's look at what a babymoon is for those of you who may not know:
Source: Wikipedia, so you know it's true ;)
I explained this countless times when I told people we were taking one, so I thought that step was necessary. We wanted one last trip, just the two of us, before our little Bunny arrived.

Now on to the good part...Last September when I was 30 weeks pregnant, Andrew and I were lucky enough to go on a babymoon. I had previously booked us a flight to Florida to go to the beach for a few days of sun, sand, and fruity (non-alcoholic for me!) beverages, but I was constantly hearing from Andrew how many times we've gone to the beach, he didn't want to go, he was only going because I wanted to go, and blah blah blah..... What kind of person doesn't want to go to the beach every vacation? A crazy one, if you ask me! But at the same time, who wanted to see a pregnant lady on the beach anyways? And I was hot enough as it was from my bun in the oven, no need to add Florida humidity into the mix! So being the good wife that I obviously am, I canceled our flights, hotel and rental car and started planning a new adventure.

The resort I had to cancel :(

At that time, Andrew had a couple of friends that had recently went on mountain vacations to Colorado and Alaska, so I planned us a road trip to Colorado and attempted to cram as much Colorado into our week's vacation as possible. 
We left on a Saturday morning and drove 680 miles to our first destination, the Royal Gorge in Canon City. I want to point out the fact that that's a long trip for a preggo lady! There were several stops just for me to get out and walk around and stretch haha. We arrived right as it was getting dark so we decided just to go to our room and rest for our early train ride through the Gorge the next morning. The train ride was surprisingly educational and the scenery was beautiful!

I failed at getting a picture of the train, so I'm glad it's in this pic!

After our train ride, we headed to Colorado Springs, about 55 miles away. Our first stop there was Garden of the Gods. There are no words for how massive and beautiful the park was. It was raining so we just drove through, but I hope to go back one day and get out and explore!
That night we headed to Seven Falls. It's 224 steps up to the top of the falls, but I only made it half way...which I'm pretty sure is awesome for 30 weeks pregnant! I had originally wanted to visit the falls during the day, but I'm so glad we didn't. The falls are lit up at night and are absolutely gorgeous! My camera phone doesn't do them any justice, but does add justification for my need for a fancy camera!

Well that's a recap of the first two days of our babymoon. I was completely exhausted after those two days, but I'm so happy we crammed all of the sites in! Stay tuned to see how we spent the rest of our trip in future posts!

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  1. Love the pictures! I'm with you, what kind of a crazy doesn't want to go to the beach?! But Colorado is amazing too :)

  2. Oh my goodness how fun! I'd be sporting my big baby belly all over the beach! But I love the idea of sight seeing and going somewhere you haven't been before.

  3. I'm the same way - I would go to the beach for every vacation if I could! Colorado looks beautiful... I went with my family when I was younger but don't remember much so I'd love to plan another trip out there! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  4. For real, NOT wanting to go to the beach?! I knew there was something wrong with him :) Loved the pics!! I don't think I've seen them before.